Yamaha : no team order

Team Yamaha Factory Team Order will not apply in an effort to help achieve the tittle Jorge Lorenzo MotoGP World Champion 2011.

Go to Indianapolis this weekend's series, from Repsol Honda's Casey Stoner has taken the lead with 32 points for Lorenzo, the teammate, Ben Spies, with 109 points in sixth. There are seven rounds and 175 potential points remaining.

Earlier this year, Lorenzo said that he felt the nail on the Team Order if only one rider on the team that struggled to reach the title.

"If your partner can help you and they do not fight for the championship, MKA we are a team, right?" said the defending champion. "Our salaries come from our brand, so the pair should help you if that is possible.

"MotoGP is not like football but a team, and success for the brand is very important."

With Spies finish ahead of Lorenzo only once this season, when his debut victory at Assen, where Lorenzo crashes after start. Questions about team orders may sound academic.

But Spies as a Yamaha rider Lorenzo surpass satellite in front of fans in Indianapolis last year, qualifying on pole position and finished second behind Dani Pedrosa during the race.
Texas Youth was also expected to get another victory this season

"We never gave Team Order and has no plans to do it!" Said the Yamaha Factory team spokesman told "I'm sure you remember Motegi last year!"

In Japan GP last year, Lorenzo and Valentino Rossi's team-matenya involved a fierce battle for third place, which eventually won by Rossi.

After the race, Lorenzo and his team felt the level of resistance offered by Rossi has been proportionate.

"Valentino taking too many risks and Jorge touched several times, which should not happen when Jorge tittle fight for the champion," said Lorenzo's team manager Wilco Zeelenberg.

Meanwhile Stoner, winner of six races this year, firmly against any team orders it.

"I never thought there must be absolutely Order Team," said Stoner. "This is not football. You are not completely on the same team, playing for the same .. We have the right of each of ourselves."

Maybe some do not know what it is TEAM ORDER.
Team orders is a term in motor racing championship which is a strategy from the team that issued the instructions to ridernya to deviate from the normal practice of racing towards his team-mates because they would fight the other team riders. For example, a team member who commands one of ridernya to let his teammate overtake, or ordered both drivers to hold position to maintain a good position without risk of collision.

This is generally done when one rider behind in certain races, but have the opportunity to earn the title. Team rider will then instruct them to arrange themselves on the track so give way to riders who need it most.

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