lorenzo's note : MISANO FINALLY!

Hello!"I really wanted to blog content, with good humor. The latter have been complicated, most of few words, not knowing what to expect. Today is different. We have won again and the truth is known to Misano win glory.
I like this circuit and I think it gives me quite well. No accumulation numbers Estoril, where I won three times in MotoGP, but I climbed the podium four times (one win and three second places). The weekend was almost perfect since Friday. We had difficulties in the first free practice, but from that evening we were very competitive.

The set-up and endure the heat, always using the camelback, the system we use for hydration and moisture were key to the battle. I thought the race would be much more complicated. Do not get me wrong, I do not say it was an easy win. Quite the contrary. I needed 13 runs to win from start to finish. But I thought I would move Casey at some point, which would have changed a bit the movie and had become a duel, mano a mano.

It's my third win of the season, but overall I am still far from Casey. We have recovered nine points and now we're going to Aragon we stand at 35 points. I hope this year is Motorland talisman, I need it. I have wanted to come and see people in my fan club. Last year I was not right with them, the results made me angry. So I owe you one.

Today we tested the 1000cc at Misano. The feelings are still good, but there is much work ahead. Both Ben and I have shot all day with the new Yamaha in the second practice we do. This evening we left by car to Milan for tomorrow visited the offices of Yamaha with Wayne Rainey, which will make it a special day. "

My triumph is obviously for him. See you in Aragon.

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