lorenzo's note : SAVE THE DISHES

Hi guys,

I'm back again to suffer on the bike. I have lived a difficult weekend in Alcaniz. I was looking forward to fight for something more than the podium. It has been nearly even at the end I have to give thanks that podium obtained, those 16 points that I set back to 44 of Casey.

On Friday it all started well. The M1 line operated until it was Misano blackout. The electrical problem in the circuit is as if we also have affected us. On Saturday and I found many problems, I found the feeling the rear tire grip. Luckily the soft rubber Bridgestone gave us could take a leap and put myself in second row. I saved the dishes in the official and repeated in the race.

The start was not comfortable and I found no improvement Simoncelli positions and close that I could even beat me and beat him again after an error. It was a start which will not let you pick up the pace. Nevertheless, little by little I was able to do it and I stuck to Ben Spies, who was making a great career and also paid grip problems. I am pleased with the outcome and have shot half a second faster than the officers, but obviously I would have liked to aim higher.

Now we go to Japan, Yamaha's home. At the end we will, despite all the controversy in recent months after the disaster in Fukushima. It is a key moment of the season because it is one of my last options continue to aspire to the title. I'll be ready!

But first I have a little work. This week we'll come to an event sponsor X-LITE-staff-at Franciacorta, Italy, and other sponsor-ROCKSTAR-another in Barcelona. Oh, and I will run the 24 Hours with Difisa Racing team this weekend. I have wanted to enjoy that excitement with my mates Ricky Cardis, Jose Manuel de los Milagros and Alvaro Fontes. I will prepare for the goal Motegi.

See you soon.

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