pre order ROCKSTAR CAP

* Specifications:
- Black Twill Material
- Embroidery & JL Rockstar computer in front
- Embroidery Silestone on the right & left
- Embroidery & Rockstar energy x-fuera behind
- Screen printing 2 color on the tongue hat
- Tongue barret

* Pre-Order Price Rp.80.000, - (expensive? Yes, because we use computer embroidery, let me just like a JL) JL1 FREE rubber keychain

* Production of 3 weeks to 4 weeks because I'll want to sample first is similar

* Booking start date September 12-18
- Direct SMS to 0815 17 242424 Dennisa Ayu cc to 085 338 2944 50
The format -> [full name, complete address (+ province & postal code), number
telephone, NB: Lorenzistas Indonesia]

that no sms, no order

* Transfer start date September 14-18, to the account:
Mandiri 133-001034891-0
(a.n Denissa Permata Putri)
BCA 527-0164-406
(a.n Aldika Viallinata)
After the transfer please confirm to 2 numbers TSB [full name, bank name,
transfer date]

# Apart from LI also be a message but just to Dennisa smsnya wrote, do not cc to Ayu.

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