lorenzo forced stoner to wait a long time

Battle for the 2011 MotoGP world championship more exciting, following the results of "unexpected" at the Motegi Circuit, Japan, on Sunday (10.02.11). Casey Stoner, who appeared dominant during this weekend, just reaping the results are less good, due to finish at number three. Australian rider was unable to compete with his teammate at Repsol Honda, Dani Pedrosa and Yamaha team's closest rival, Jorge Lorenzo.

Stoner is very difavorikan menenangi race at the circuit last season when he was with Ducati conquered. How not very convincing record of his time since the first free practice to qualifying, so it took pole position. The worst outcome is in second position during the second free practice.

But during the race, Stoner made a mistake when entering the fourth lap. He did not get the braking point when going into bend 11, thus slipping through the gravel. Luckily, the 2007 world champion appeared very calm. He does not force yourself to swing to the right, and gave up his position usurped by Pedrosa and Lorenzo.

Although it had slumped to number seven on his return to track racing, Stoner managed to improve his position. One by one rider in front can be conquered, and eventually finished third. Stoner also maintain a record is always on the podium during the 2011 season, except for failures due to an accident at Jerez in the second series.

Small errors Stoner, Lorenzo plus charming performance, making competition for the crown of world champion again exclaimed. If prior to this series-15 Stoner 44 points ahead, so now they are "only" within 40 numbers, where Stoner was still firmly on top of the standings with a total of 300 points, followed by Lorenzo with 260 points.

Well, thus the last three series will be very crucial, because the contested points, the maximum is 75. Stoner remains in an excellent position to win both world titles in the premier class, because he only needs 35 more points to snatch the championship crown last year at the head of Lorenzo.

See a consistent performance since the start of the season, it's not impossible for Stoner to make those dreams. Moreover, the 16 series on 16 October will take place in front of the public itself.

Since grabbed first MotoGP title with Ducati in 2007, Stoner unbeaten in Phillip Island Circuit, Australia. Now, with the performance of Honda's very intriguing, it is not excessive if Stoner back into the main favorite to win there. 10 pole position plus eight wins and 14 podium finishes throughout 2011, an indication that he will realize the victory.

However, Lorenzo is also still have a chance. If it can continue to finish ahead of Stoner, is not impossible that the former double world champion 250cc class this will force the fight lasted until the last series in Valencia, 6 November. At a minimum, Lorenzo dashed ambitions Stoner, who proclaimed himself a target of ensuring world champions in public own.

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