lorenzo with lorenzistas indonesia in bali

wonderful time lorenzistas friend!, banners we have made to the content of the testimonials we have finally reached the hands of our idol,, yes, "Jorge Lorenzo" JL,banners problem is not discussed here, but we talked about in group lorenzistasIndonesia who are on facebook , if you want to join, please click this link, let's look at the testimonials from one of our admins "ayu yuliantari" Hola all. This photo I bersamaJorge and Gietha de Lorenzo. Finally we can special timeto be able to give our banner to Jorge. Yaahh,, plus "cipika cipiki" bit hehehe I say we are from Lorenzistas Indonesia. Then he, "what? Lore lore .. .. owh,, LorenzistasIndonesia? Ok". Turns out he already knows us guys .. hahaha I also already gave us a video slide show on CD....

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