bet stoner is mission impossible

Jorge Lorenzo said that beat Casey Stoner in the MotoGP race was held in Portugal at the Estoril circuit last Sunday was mission impossible to do while Factory Yamaha riderStoner continues to haunt throughout the show 28 lap race that was held under the sunnyweather.

Exerted extra effort to make Jorge Lorenzo Casey Stoner had to settle for finishing the race at his favorite track is by taking to the podium two. Lorenzo said he was satisfiedwith the results due to a less than maximum performance while undergoing training andqualifying sessions.

With these results, it can maintain the tradition of Jorge Lorenzo to reach the podium atEstoril Circuit.

Drivers who live in Barcelona is berlata: "The bike is very good, much better during the race than when used in training sessions. But the only problem is Casey. He is verystrong, for me it is impossible to beat. We had nightmares over this weekend to behonest, we do not expect to finish in second place. But we've completed a lot of ourproblems. "

Jorge Lorenzo did not expect to fight to compete for victory, let alone himself in trouble with the clutch which caused him to lose time on a straight track at the first lap, whereCasey Stoner could widen the gap to 1.4 seconds.

"After that the motor can work well," said Lorenzo is perched in second in the standings."But the thing is, Casey has something more. In the end, I do not have the energy topass him. The only occasion when I was passing the chicane but there are too riskyovertaking. Because I want to get points from finishing second. "

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