patience is the key to victory Lorenzo

Jorge Lorenzo, a tight battle with compatriot Dani Pedrosa, the main podium in the race for the GP Catalunya on Sunday (03/06/2012). Yamaha rider was finally able to beat the rival of the Repsol Honda, after being there two times overtake each other.
Nevertheless, at the beginning of the race was Lorenzo was third. Start from the second position, the 2010 world champion was overtaken by Pedrosa, who started from fifth position and Ben Spies, who started from fourth position.
The situation is difficult because I do not want to do with menggeber folly to limit to overtake Ben and Dani. So, I wait until it gets a chance.
- Jorge Lorenzo
However, after Spies, who is a teammate makes a mistake that fall, Lorenzo put pressure on Pedrosa. After a tight battle, Lorenzo was finally able to seal the win near the end of the race, with more than five seconds advantage over Pedrosa.
What is the secret that Lorenzo can win his third victory in this 2012 season? Admittedly, patience is the key to his success that he did not make the fatal mistake.
"The situation is difficult because I do not want to do with menggeber folly to limit to overtake Ben and Dani. So, I waited to get a chance," said Lorenzo, who is now more firmly on top of the standings.
"Ben widened and I climbed into second place. For me, this is a great position, so I waited a bit to see how the Dani maintain speed. I made a mistake and he was away, but I can get close, and in five or six laps I saw Dani rate declined slightly.
"I think to wait a little longer and see what happens, because it is very easy to fall - he braked very slow in most areas of braking, so it becomes very difficult to overtake and not brushed.
"So I waited for him to make mistakes, and it happened. When I saw Dani wide, I think it's time to chance. I pass him and I thought 'if I was pushed to the limit to two or three laps, I could make the distance', because Dani slightly uncomfortable. And, that's what happened. "
The victory at Catalunya this makes Lorenzo has won three of five series victories the 2012 season, after the Qatar and Portugal. In two other series, Lorenzo has always finished in second place. This makes him more firmly at the top with 20 points advantage over its rival from the Repsol Honda, Casey Stoner, who this time finished fourth

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