A letter for Jorge Lorenzo Guerrero

From: Sifa konenzo

Jorge ... I've a letter for you.
It's written from the deepest of my heart.
It's about a prince who's actually an angel that god has sent into this world.
And about an ordinary girl who loves the prince secretly.
Jorge ...
Have you ever think about it?
You're born to spread loves and happiness in this world.
And also born to be loved by thousand women in this world.
Because you're charming prince.
What else can i do ?
But, is it wrong to love you too?
You're my prince lives in my own world.
Your face decorates my days ^^
your smile, can't leave my mind for just a moment.

Your voice, keep hovering in my ears although i can't see you .
Jorge ...
Your laugh, always encorages me whenever i feel sad .
My prince Jorge ^^
i know we aren't meant to be together.
I can't hold you, i can't see through your eyes.
I can't barely hear your voice.
Sadly ...
Even we haven't met each other ..
i ... The who's dreaming all the day to meet you someday ..
Distance ...
Time ...
We're separated by many things .
But i ...
Keep praying .. So i can meet you ..
Hoping ...
Beliving you.
I keep believing that we'll meet someday .
Yes, someday Jorge.
You change my world.
You teach me so many things.
Hardwork ..
Spirit ..
Love ..
Is it okay if i love you?
Though it's just one sided love.
Sad ...
What else can i do Jorge?
What else????
Honestly i'm so angry angry angry angry >.<
but i can't blame anyone ..
You live in the same world as me.
But still it's only empty dream to be able to meet you.
I have no power, no power to catch you, to reach you ..
What should i do?
Everytime i think of you.
The more hurt my heart is people think i'm crazy :(
i should come back to reality.
As if you're not real in this world.
Just a prince in the fairy tale.
I think they're right, i'm crazy.
But, is it wrong to love you?
Although it's impossible in this real life ..
I'll alway love you.
You've given me happiness just by seeing you from far far far far away Jorge.
You give me laugh, you give me tears ..
I realize, not only me. But many other girls will have the thought the feeling just like me.
I can't be egoist for wanting you only by my side.
How someone like you can make my life turn up and down.
Maybe.. There's someone in your heart. But you can't reveal your own feeling.
Maybe, you're sad that you can't live normally like the other men.
You keep endure it, you hold your feeling by yourself.
I'm sorry Jorge ...
Although it's egoist, but please endure it just for several years again.
When you're no longer por fuera, rider of motogp, and you've a normal life, If that time comes ..
I will let you go ..
Someday i have to let you go ..
Let you run your life as normal people.
Having a date with your girlfriend ..
Even marrying that one very lucky girl .
Having family ...
Beautiful kids ..
Become daddy ..
I will let you go from my heart someday ..
But for now ....
I'm sorry, i couldn't do that ...
I'll keep thinking and loving you.
Even though i can't love you like a real couple would do .
But the space in my empty heart is filled with you now.
It's okay for me just admiring you from the pictures , videos.
Although this love isn't ethernal love, but for living like this now, i think it's okay.
I'm happy just for knowing you.
All the love that you secrectly have given to me, even without you realize it .
I'll always remember and keep it inside my heart.
It's okay for living a life like this.
You're always be my prince.
And... Let me be your princess ^^
both of us live happily ever after in my fairy land.
And happy ending .
Yo te amo Giorgio

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