MotoGP back to 1000 cc

MotoGP back to 1000 cc after never using it for 4 years (2003-2006), clearly the reason is for privateer teams are not too burdened cost of engine development problems. The reason is that motor manufacturers are used to produce the 1,000 cc engine. But the difference with 1000 cc engine of mass production will be very different.

But according to former employees Corrado Cecchinelli at Ducati that is currently the director of technology development for the MotoGP, said all the more significant. Motor that is more easy to drive but have more power. Unlike the 800cc MotoGP character, which takes 3 years to become the perfect bike.

"Many drivers are more familiar with the character of the engine capacity of 1,000 cc. So we agreed to return the MotoGP to 1,000 cc. Besides financing the development of a prototype engine certainly will not be as expensive as 800 cc motorcycles. Well, with this course a lot more competitive drivers, "explained Cecchinelli.

Cecchinelli also outlines that it will return to MotoGP next year's 1,000 cc. But that does not mean that will take the area of ​​the World Superbike, because the 1,000 cc engine in MotoGP is a prototype.

"Let me, however, 1,000 cc engine of mass production we will never use in MotoGP. Because of heavy machinery will not be able to lift power better than the prototype machine, aka the power to weight ratio, "added Cecchinelli.