Weight restrictions for angry Pedrosa

Repsol Honda rider was very angry with weight issues to be discussed at the Motor Manufacturers Association (Motorcycle Sport Manufacturers Association) in these next few weeks. This Spaniard is 21 kg lighter than the heaviest rider in MotoGP. With only 158 centimeters tall, then Pedrosa (25 years) looks very small on the bike.

If the restrictions imposed, not only the toughest racers will be subject to penalty. But, also because drivers have to add weight lightest bike. This will be experienced by Pedrosa and Toni Elias. This weight restriction campaign beginning to be waged in the Spanish GP at Jerez Circuit, 3 April 2011 by the Italian racer Valentino Rossi and Marco Simoncelli. Simoncelli was not fair to race with a weight of 72 kg.

"The problem is, because I'm bigger than all the MotoGP riders. It will drain more fuel motor. I also have to set the machine to be more efficient, resulting in no motor can be driven in a straight path," said the San Carlo Gresini Honda rider was in Motorcycle News .

Pedrosa, who weighs only 51 kg featherweight immediately respond. "The story is always accompanied throughout my career. In the 250cc class, all the drivers called me would not be able to race because it was small. But, when I started winning, they think I give a lot of weight gain," said Pedrosa.

"Now, it happened again in MotoGP. And I'm getting tired to face it because everyone seems to not want me to win. Indeed, I have good acceleration on the straight path. But, many people forget when I was upset at the corner for not having enough grip and no stronger when braking. "

"I also could not withstand the wind was too strong. I have the shoulders and short legs and could not move the weight as fast as a higher person. I always wanted to have a body 10 cm higher, as this will help me better control the motor. If the higher I will be able to move the weight forward and back quickly.

Meanwhile, the U.S. rider Nicky Hayden would support this restriction. "I think, lightweight racer has the advantage in fuel use. When I was a teammate with Dani, I spend a lot more fuel with only 21 liters in the motor."

"Heavy rider will bring a lot of traction, while lighter riders would benefit significantly from the corner. Rider weight more quickly spent fuel and tires," said Hayden.