Honda Beware Lorenzo Threats

Honda racers so far still outperformed competitors from other manufacturers. But with Jorge Lorenzo who continue to put pressure, alertness came into force on the world champion.

Seven victories versus three Honda riders who won the Yamaha rider showed quite striking differences between the two teams. Casey Stoner in the championship is also still firmly standing on the top position.

But Stoner advantage from the second position, occupied by Lorenzo, is hardly safe. There are only 20 points separating the two, which makes the shift tops the standings could occur at any time.

"Honda has won seven of 10 races so far. Considering we only won four races last season, you think if we had success. But he is a formidable competitor," said team principal HRC, Shuhei Nakamoto.

"He will never give up, and I think we'll still see the pattern of winning and losing until the end of the season. One mistake can mess up competition throughout the season," he added in Autosport.

To escape pursuit by Lorenzo, in the future Honda confirmed to be more careful and choose a focus from one race to race. This way will hopefully meminimalisai error, which could potentially be utilized opponent.

"We will meperlakukan every race very seriously, concentrate on avoiding mistakes that would be very detrimental to us," the completion.

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