Lorenzo & Ben Spies to Yamaha Boost Sales

Celebration of 50 years gait Yamaha in MotoGP and motorcycle facelift launched Yamaha, Yamaha is boosting sales in July. Currently, the market is still dominated Yamaha motor sport.

Yamaha sales in July was 312,506 units, an increase of 28.20 percent compared to June. The largest contribution to sales was donated Jupiter whose sales shot up 111.75 percent or contributed 65.18 percent of total sales of Yamaha.

Scorpio is in second place as much as 22.20 percent with 56.65 percent increase in sales compared with June. Followed by Vega ZR is ranked third largest increase in its contribution as much as 53.79 percent or 19.96 percent of total sales of Yamaha.

"The increase in sales in July marked the success of the campaign 50 years of Yamaha in MotoGP are encouraged during June and July. Also the launch of Vega ZR facelift. While the Scorpio rising rapidly due to increasing demand from areas Yamaha. Demand is driven consumers who are increasingly like the Scorpio model, "said Indra Dwi Sunda, PR & Corporate Communication Head Yamaha Indonesia, in a press release.

In June and July, Yamaha held a national sales campaign purchase of New Jupiter Z all types. Buyers get 50 years of MotoGP edition package. In addition, also Yamaha Jupiter Z throw 300 units limited edition with 50 years of Yamaha logo are allocated nationally.

Yamaha Vega ZR launched last June. Such change comes with a new color green, automatic headlight was on (Aho), a new speedometer design, graphic striping such as batik with graphics and forms of writing Vega seat that turns into a more sporty.

Meanwhile, the power of Yamaha in the motorcycle segment with the best-selling sport again emphasized the sweetness of Scorpio. In July 3816 Scorpio units sold, up 1380 units (56.65 percent) compared to June. Touring still accounted for the largest sales in the category Yamaha sport as much as 22 393 units, up 22.27 percent compared to June.

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