lorenzo participate welcomes Fabregas

BARCELONA - Barcelona Success Cesc Fabregas bringing not only greeted players and fans, but also the MotoGP rider Jorge Lorenzo.

Fabregas completed the transfer saga that continues to adorn the media over the last few seasons. Azulgrana spend 29 million euros plus a bonus to get the signature of former Arsenal captain with a contract duration of five years.

Suddenly, this agreement immediately greeted Barcelonistas joy. In fact, when introduced to the public at Camp Nou Stadium, thousands of fans roared Barca welcome the presence of The Prodigal Son.

Apparently, the purchase Fabregas also not escaped the attention of the world MotoGP champion, Lorenzo. Rider who also comes from the Spanish-born midfielder joined welcoming presence 24 years ago.

It was expressed when answering his fans mention twitter, @ NesyaFehilyCesc: @ lorenzo99 hi, Fabregas back to Barcelona .. :)

Suddenly, Lorenzo tweet was immediately answered, "Yes! Good news! I'm glad for that. "

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