Forget failure, Shutter Maximum Results

A week has passed, but Jorge Lorenzo was unable to forget the bitter memories of the race in GP Rep. Ceska weekend.

Technical factors in the form of hard to fault the selection of race tires identified by the defending champions as the main cause of failure to reach the podium in a race at the weekend.

In fact, Lorenzo himself started the race at Brno with very impressive. Start in second makes clear off the prize opportunities wide open.

Unfortunately, the Spaniard failed to make the podium to widen with the acquisition point standings leader, Casey Stoner. "I hope more in Brno," said Lorenzo is still covered with an aura of profound disappointment because only able to finish in fourth position.

"I thought, I was able to reduce the distance with Stoner on the first workout, but I doubt it. But after a training session on Saturday and Sunday warm up, I believe it can reduce the difference in points to 20 points between us in a few hours, "continued the team's mainstay Fork Tala jockey was quoted by Marca on Wednesday (17/08/2011)

However, Lorenzo said he would not blame anyone for the red report card that she wrote in the GP Rep. Ceska. "My goal right now do not want to attack someone else," promised Lorenzo who now sit in second place drivers' standings

Despite still disappointment, Lorenzo went back to crochet optimism achieve good results in the rest of the series until the end of this season, including the GP Indiapolis held August 28, 2011 later.

"I am currently 32 points adrift with Honda (Casey Stoner). There are still seven races, many points still up for grabs are all still rely on yourself. So I will not give up, "said Lorenzo.

"That's the last way I should do now. Two years ago, I was very fortunate to cut the points in Indianapolis with Valentino Rossi. Remember? With Captain America helmet that I liked, "recalled Lorenzo hopes to repeat the success in 2009 ago as Grand Prix in Indianapolis where she had her first podium.

"If you want to be world champion, you can not survive behind nearest rivals error. It could happen, and there have been many times in sports history, but you can not wait and I am not a type like that, "continued Lorenzo who did not expect much to take advantage of lax Stoner.

"Now we have to get ready for the Grand Prix of Indianapolis, there is nothing left. We have picked up points lost as it has been assigned in the final race, "Lorenzo added.

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