Lorenzo regret mistake for choose the tire

Jorge Lorenzo admitted making a mistake by using hard-type tires on the front in Brno. The result, Yamaha failed to break the domination of the Honda team in MotoGP race Ceska.

As is known, Lorenzo was the only rider leading a hard-type tires. Lorenzo reasoned decided to use hard tires on the front under the condition of the track on Saturday.

But Lorenzo realized that he made the wrong decision, so the race entered the second lap. The result, the defending champion MotoGP unable to put a halt to Marco Simoncelli who claimed the first podium this year.

"Ban the front we have chosen is not the best choice for today. We tried it in qualifying and it made me look up, and very consistently. But today the conditions are different and the temperature does not work either," he explained.

"From the beginning of the second lap, I was not able to keep the motor the front at every turn. So, it makes me fix the four positions," continued the Spaniard, told Autosport, Monday (15/08/2011).

With the victory rival Casey Stoner, making 32 points behind Lorenzo mainstay of the Repsol Honda rider. Nevertheless, Lorenzo claimed to get back on track. "These results make my position more difficult. But that does not mean the championship is over."

"There are still many points that can be taken, so we have to focus on winning races remaining we can get. We must try and try results of this race, which is probably the worst result this season and possibly career MotoGP," he said.

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