Rest In Peace , MARCO !

Marco Simoncelli in the Sepang death is tragic, in which performance began to improve, which began neat racing models, not wild, exactly, he has left the MotoGP race is very tight with the competition, we, lorenzistasindonesia mengucapakan condolences to Marco Simoncelli, he deserves to be a hero, with rumors of lovers MotoGP and MotoGP rider himself, he is still strong, still crazy, even the more mature game, made ​​more interesting spectacle of MotoGP, with the death of marco, all the grieving, the crew and the whole range of MotoGP sad about this. truly tragic accident! , Is now increasingly slack MotoGP race will be the loss of Marco, plus our rider, Jorge Lorenzo is having problems, namely the restoration of the finger at Philip Island, Australia, we also ought to be grateful to jorge is still protected by the gods,
back to the topic, we, lorenzistasindonesia say,
Marco Simoncelli rest in peace!
you say we forget the struggle with it!
may you rest in there!

photo of incident after marco has death :

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