Lorenzo Supported CRT

Diverse opinions about the rules of team color CRT, ranging from drivers to officials of each team's MotoGP. Casey Stoner is a racer who strongly opposed the CRT team.

Another with the opinion expressed by the HRC marketing director Livio Suppo is suggested to Dorna Sports SL as a promoter of the MotoGP race to enact a super racing license to the driver who fell in the CRT team because he believed that they would be a hazard in slow lane with a bike.

While the former World Champion Jorge Lorenzo MotoGP 2010 season the team agrees with the CRT as an inexpensive solution to increase the number of races on the MotoGP grid.

"Whatever steps to cut costs amid the global crisis racing is expected to attract sponsors to enter the world of motor racing with a little investment is positive. From my personal standpoint, if the speed and strength are also reduced in the future. It would be better because we achieve speed and excessive force. Racing a motor speed of 360 km per hour was very enjoyable, but ultimately it is a little dangerous.
There is no other choice, we must do it or did not develop. It was an emergency decision to fill the grid, "said Yamaha Factory Racing Team rider told Spanish news agency EFE

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