lorenzo struggle is not in vain in Losail

Losail - Series opener at the Losail Circuit presenting the winner Jorge Lorenzo. Yamaha rider's team managed to win the duel against Dani Pedrosa and Casey Stoner.

In the race that took place Monday night (04/09/2012), which occupies the pole position Lorenzo started the race pretty well. He successfully defended his position, despite rigorous taped by Stoner and Dani Pedrosa.

Pedrosa, who started from seventh on successfully pushed up and over Stoner. He also came in second behind Lorenzo.

However, slowly but surely, Stoner managed to find speed. After overtaking Pedrosa, Australian rider was later surpassed Lorenzo in a speed race on a straight track.

Afterwards, Stoner managed to maintain its superiority as well. He was able to surpass the excellence Lorenzo 2.1 seconds. Although later Lorenzo managed to minimize the difference again to 1.9 seconds.

On lap-16, Lorenzo managed to minimize the difference in time to 1.5 seconds. From here, the width of the distance created by Stoner began to erode.

Lorenzo had a strict resistance from Pedrosa. He was overtaken by a rider from Spain, but Lorenzo was finally able to re-occupy the second place.

Right on lap-20, Lorenzo finally managed to overtake Stoner - who seems to experience problems with the bike. He is noticeably faster than Stoner when cornering and ultimately lead 1.1 seconds over Stoner and Pedrosa who was behind him.

Unfortunately for Stoner, valor throughout the race as almost vanished when he was overtaken by Pedrosa soon after. Stoner had to settle for finishing in third.

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